Journal of Orthopedics & Joint Surgery
Volume 2 | Issue 1 | Year 2020


Online Modality in Orthopedic Education

As the world is slowly but steadily limping back to normalcy it is all but evident that changes and adaptations in many walks of life are imminent. Adaptations to technological inventions will surely revolutionize our understanding of various aspects of the subject. Online education has dramatically signified its role in the sustenance of sharing knowledge especially in the field of orthopedic education. When we were consumed by the perils of the bioenemy the online platform was the only source of rescue for academic enlightenment. It only added another dimension to the learning process creating a deeper insight and better analytical thinking. The tech-savvy younger generation took up online education portals like fish to water and was even submerged by the overdose of webinars and online classes.

A huge and potential weapon in the form of online education has unleashed itself creating different experiences for most orthopaedic interns and practitioners. The spectrum of online teaching is very wide from one on one classes to virtual reality-enhanced simulations etc. Online modality is there to stand as a pillar of support to orthopedic education and if the resources are rightly tapped by educational institutions, academic bodies like universities , associations like IOA and TNOA a remarkable change can be brought out in our learning perspective just by the click of a button or a tap on the screen.

From the Editorial Board of JOJS, we wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Looking forward to connecting to you all with the ISSN number and Indexing approvals very shortly.


Prof. V. Thirunarayanan

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