Journal of Orthopedics & Joint Surgery
Volume 2 | Issue 1 | Year 2020


As we are facing the unprecedented bio danger of COVID-19 the world has looked upon the medical professionals as their savior-in-chief. A strong medical infrastructure, deep-rooted public health models and above all social-discipline has been the need of the hour. As even developed countries are facing the wrath of these femtograms of invisible virions a myriad of symptoms have been identified, various treatment protocols have been formulated, numerous results have been analyzed and multiple vaccine trials have been conducted. The necessary details and information have been brought out into the open forum for everyone to understand and follow. Difficult times have always taught us valuable lessons and COVID-19 is no exception. The value of spreading information across the globe is the key lesson learnt. Various articles on different platforms have been published in many countries that have given us the necessary data and important scientific information in treating and avoiding this infection. These articles have been the reference point in treatment, prevention and in formulating public health strategies in different geographical locations and demographic trends.

JOJS has also been started with the only goal of spreading the scientific facts, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences in the form of published articles. The second edition is being published amidst this raging pandemic and difficult times. I thank all the authors for submitting their manuscripts and day by day the patronage has only been improving the fact proven by more number of articles being published in this edition. Being the official journal of the prestigious Tamilnadu Orthopedic Association‒I am sure JOJS will definitely prove to be a storehouse of important scientific evidence in the field of Orthopedics and will stand testimony to the academic work of our colleagues in the upcoming years. In association with the eminent publisher‒Jaypee Brothers, every step has been taken in the correct direction towards indexing the journal as per the MCI mandate.

TNOA takes this opportunity to salute each and every noble soul involved in the control and prevention of COVID-19. We dedicate this edition in honor of the great sacrifice of our COVID warriors. Hope and pray for some vital breakthrough in combating this novel disease.


Prof. V. Thirunarayanan

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